So today (or tomorrow depending on when I publish this) Rolf Harris has been found guilty of all 12 charges against him regarding sexual offences against children, and only last week the Jimmy (will fuck you up) Savile investigation revealed that Jimmy routinely abused both boys and girls, women and men, from all creeds, from the ages of 5 to 75. By all means an equal opportunist in sexual deviancy.

The scary thing is all the reports that we’ve heard of or know about in these cases against age old paedophiles, are only from the people that have come forward, or in the case of people that have been lucky enough to have their cases come to court, the people who are I guess actually have some kind of evidence that the courts find credible.

And now whilst I’m listening to LBC I’m hearing that the judge that resided over the trial will take the bugger’s age into account when giving him his sentence. Uh, why? It’s not like he cared about any of his victim’s when he messed up their lives so why care about him, even if he is near his death bed. This isn’t like he’s some old timer who didn’t pay their council tax bill and even then the courts are quite happy and quick to lock you up for that shit, and it’s not like they cared when that train robber guy gave himself up – they were quite happy to lock him the fuck up even though he had health problems, so what the fuck?

If you rob a bank, we’ll lock you up without question, don’t pay your council tax we’ll lock you up again without question, but diddle some kids and you happen to be reaching your zimmer frame years when you’re facing jail time, we need to take your age into account.

Why is it that when it’s a sexual crime, whether its the rape of an adult or the rape of a child they are never taken seriously enough and bang them up, using every recourse the law gives you, and it’s not like they wouldn’t have the public on their side they would and they do, so again WHAT THE FUCK?

I never will understand this line of thought and don’t think anyone with half a brain or half a freaking heart would either.

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