So apparently on Tuesday this week, a video of One Direction smoking a joint, (specifically it’s supposed to be Zayn and Louis who had the zoot to hand) was leaked onto the internet via the Mail Online, and apparently this isn’t a wink wink leak but an invasion of privacy one as the band’s legal team have asked for the video to be taken down, and having just tried to take a look for myself I can tell you it’s already gone folks.

Now personally the only reason I’m even writing about this is that I know it’ll be one seriously popular hot topic (as dear Aunty Wendy likes to say) but seriously who cares? Who actually honestly believes that they haven’t smoked/ingested/tried weed before let alone any other drug? There what, like 18 or 19 year’s old and in a worldwide famous boy band – shouldn’t they have a personal drug dealer on speed dial by now? Not only that, but the country in which they were supposed to have participated in mother nature’s wonderful bounty, Peru, it’s perfectly legal to have up to 8g of weed if it’s for personal use, so probably they were doing nothing wrong anyway.

So Why the Fuss?

Well just because it’s not illegal doesn’t mean it’s not morally wrong does it? Just think of all the young kiddies who’s minds could be melted in the wrong direction instead of staying true to the path of the right direction.

Simply put and without the sarcasm, right now One Direction make for bad role models for a whole bunch of parents across the globe. (Personally I think the entire idea of role models is a bad one. Period. But I digress and that’ll have to be a whole other blog)

But that’s life, and look on the bright side, at least they weren’t smoking a weed and crack combo, and realistically we all knew this point was going to come sooner or later right?
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