It’s day two of the tube strike which will be officially ending at 9PM this evening.

The bus stops were crowded, Boris Johnson moaned “it should have been illegal for the union to launch its strike…when only 30 per cent of its members has voted in favour” and apparently it’s costing the West End millions in lost trade.

Yeah, uh huh and the world’s gonna end and we’re all gonna die, but not before Tupac serenades me with “I ain’t Mad at Cha” acapella.

Firstly, if Boris Johnson is calling for a minimum 50% turn out at the ballot in order for a tube strike to actually take place, then that’s the pot calling the kettle black when the turn out for the Mayor of London elections was only 38.8%. Secondly I seriously doubt that the millions lost made a massive dent in earnings, because I don’t really see either Tuesday or Wednesday as mega money earning days for the West End. Realistically most businesses up West probably make their big bucks from Thursday evening onwards and over the Weekend, but I could be wrong.
I do have sympathy for the many people that have got caught up in the madness on their way to work. The already crappy tube journeys that turned into 2 to 3 hour nightmare’s. Now that I get, although I have to say that I’ve always taken strike days as a license to take my time getting into work, seeing as everyone was more or less guaranteed to be late anyway.

All that aside though, I personally support the tube strikes. I’ll always support any organisation or person who’ll defend their rights. Period. I’m biased like that. To me a strike is the working people’s warrior cry. Or rather warriors chant.

I know that the London Underground needs to modernise and a part of that modernisation would be more ticket machines, in fact it makes sense purely on a an economic level for the company and their whole bottom line is to make profit I get that and giving TFL fair dues they have said that they won’t get rid of any workers that they’ll all be redistributed. Except I smell bullshit.

More machines means less staff, whether it happens now or in the future remains to be seen so I’m not buying that there won’t be any job losses, and also what about public safety? If you close all the ticket offices where are people gonna go when they need help? I guess this is where the redistributed-to- standing-around-the-station/platform-staff come in. It’s at this point I’d like to introduce to the Overground station.

Have you ever been to an Overground station, with its one or two ticket offices and seen how fucking deserted they are? Where the staff go fuck knows. Where it seems that more than half the time the damn self service ticket machines are broken, the ticket offices are closed, and the nearest top up point is god knows where.

If there are no staff and the machines are broken who you gonna call? Ghostbusters? When you don’t know how to use the machine, who do you talk to? Yourself?

More likely than not this will be our future and that’s what I have a problem with, so strike on I say. Strike on.

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